Thursday, March 13, 2014

Face to face

Novel idea - sitting down and talking face to face!

Why not invite a couple of people to just chat with you?  It's a great way to learn from others, share ideas and even solve a problem or two.   Turning off the electronic devices makes the event even more enjoyable - go wild - turn off that phone!

You can always add some food and/or beverages to the mix - but the goal here is to talk to the people that you are with - not text, not email, not even call on the phone - focus on that person across with you.  You may just find out some truly amazing things about yourself and the people that you're with.

We may be spending too much time alone or with only our co-workers passing emails during our work days.  Cultivating new friendships has great benefits.  Certainly networking is part of this but it is just as important for rebuilding entrepreneurial energy and enthusiasm for ourselves.

Invite someone for chat - see what this "old school" activity does for you!

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